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September/October 2009

To My Clients, Friends, Associates, 
and Future Clients:

The month of September has been a busy month; therefore this newsletter will be for both September and October. 

The Kick off Party for the Long Island Alliance for Small Business ( took place on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at the Sheridan Smithtown. Over two hundred people were in attendance. Many of the people that were there commented that it was the right time to launch the LIASB because many of the other organizations were really not paying attention to the small business owner. 

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy stopped by and offered good wishes to the group. Suffolk County Legislator for the 18th District, Jon Cooper was also there and gave the group a Proclamation from Suffolk County. Gloria Glowacki, Director of Operations at the SBDC at Stony Brook, a Board Member, Maria Morales Prieto, Founder, President and CEO of The Hispanic Network, also a Board Member and Director of Minority Relations and Teresa Ward of Teresa’s Family Cleaning, a Board member as well as Director of Government Relations all made remarks to the group. Paul Ignosh, President of PI Associates from Washington D.C also an executive committee member of VET-Force (Veteran Entrepreneurship Task Force) advocating Veteran Owned and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses who also makes sure the allotted federal government procurement dollars are spent with these small businesses, spoke about the importance of small business to the security of the United States.

Ron Gold, President of Marketing Works, as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors as well as the Director of Public Relations was MC for the evening, and introduced the members of the ASB Advisory Committee. I had the honor of introducing the members of the ASB Board of Directors, Dr. Gregg Baron, Mike Benti, Steve Free, Gloria Glowacki, Ron Gold, Murray Kleiner, John Mangione, Maria Prieto, Teresa Ward, Victoria McGinn, Brian White and Jesse Wroblewski, a very dedicated group, and small business owners committed to the success of this organization.

The Smithtown Sheridan did an outstanding job. Carol Cozza, Director of Catering was there to make sure everything is to our satisfaction. It was a wonderful evening.

On Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 8:00AM at the Smithtown Sheridan we have our first meeting. It will be a Roundtable “Meet Your Board of Directors” where members and there guests, as well as small business owners who are interested in joining can come and hear answers to questions of the Members of the ASB Board of Directors. It will be interesting, informative and will certainly set the stage for what is of interest to the membership.

To all my clients, friends and business associates that have contacted me and wished me the very best, I want to thank you again for your kind words. I am very fortunate to have surrounded myself with some very talented people who are interested in helping the long Island small business owner survive and grow. This is what the Long Island Alliance for Small Business is all about. 

To continued trade show success,
John Hill, Trade Show Coach - Business Consultant


Guest Columnist:

Introduction: I have know Harry Mandel for more than a few years now, but when we are together it’s like we have known each other all our lives. Harry knows Magic, but he also knows trade shows. Anyone that has the opportunity of using Harry Mandel’s services at a trade show will get more than a great showman, but someone who has the experience and knowledge on what will be best for your company at your booth at the trade show. Harry also wrote a chapter for my book on trade shows. Besides being a business associates, I am honored to call Harry my friend.

HARRY MANDEL is also available for corporate and private parties. He can make any event memorable. His outstanding blend of magic and comedy will amaze audiences of all ages. From a sales meeting to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or anything in between, HARRY MANDEL can deliver the goods. Visit or call (516) 662-8435 to learn more.

Want to get more traffic to your trade show booth?

Okay, so you have followed the guide lines for pre-show marketing. You have sent email blasts, and post cards to the people on the attendees list. You have called and invited those people you want to see at your booth. You have let your clients know that you will be exhibiting at the show. You have a beautiful display staffed with a knowledgeable sales force. But, how do you get the people that are walking down the aisle who don’t know you to stop at your booth. With hundreds of exhibits on the show floor, how do you stand out from your competition? If you don’t have that something extra to attract a crowd, you could be losing important prospects and revenue.
Studies have shown that people retain 10% of what they hear but 80% of what they see. Corporate Magician HARRY MANDEL will get your product noticed and remembered with a customized message that is tailored to your corporate needs. He will gather a crowd and hold their attention. The best part is that they will remain at the booth after his performance and interact with your sales force. Prospects will become clients as they leave your booth with a smile and a lasting impression.


Guest Columnist #2:

Introduction: I am fortunate to have the pleasure of working with John on the Long Island Alliance for Small Business Board of Directors. He always has strong opinions and good suggestions that continue to make this organization move forward. Anyone who has the opportunity to take advantage of John’s marketing expertise will be very pleased.

Here is a little more about John

John Mangione, owner of Johnny Sax Marketing & Design, works hard towards helping small businesses with their marketing needs. From marketing consultations to leading his own business development seminars, John Mangione provides small business owners with the knowledge they need to grow their business. In addition John serves on the board of the Smithtown Chamber, Long Island Alliance for Small Business, Smithtown Industry Advisory Board and the Needler’s Foundation, a philanthropic organization, responsible for raising money for underprivileged children’s charities. He also donates his time to his local parish, where he directs the children’s choir. John’s talents range from professional musician to New York certified High School band Director to avid golfer and on most Thursday nights you can find him jamming on his sax at the Bellport. He has a lovely wife Rose, and two children, Deanna 10 and Nicole 9 and new family member Joey a Karin Terrier.

Make a Connection

(if you don’t have 50 customers): Ask them what the biggest challenge in their business is; don’t immediately ask to sell them anything. If you provide a product or service that solves their problem(s), it is a “win-win” for both of you. 
If you are able to refer them to a provider for their solution, the goodwill will be returned by solidifying your relationship with the customer or prospect. The conversation may also bring to light the need for a product or service that you should be offering. This exercise does not take up much time, costs you nothing but can reap enormous benefits.


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About John Hill & Associates

John A. Hill, Founder and CEO. Trade Show Coach, Business Advisor and Marketing and Sales Specialist. With over 30 years of experience developing and managing businesses, John’s roles have included National Sales Manager, VP of Sales, Director of Marketing, EVP and COO. 
He was also elected and served as President & CEO of three public companies. John provides his expertise in addressing and solving management and marketing issues to organizations worldwide. He is a recognized expert in the area of strategic
management, specializing in the maximization of trade show use as a vital element of marketing strategy.


Important note: The Tips from the Booth is not a commercial publication but primarily for my Clients, Subscribers, Prospects, Suspects and anyone interested in trade shows. I am not compensated in any way by the providers of the products or services mentioned in this Newsletter (except for John A. Hill & Associates, Inc. (H & A) They are recommended because I know them, or have used them personally, believe them to be the best or think they will be helpful to my readers. If you haven’t done so, please add to your address book.