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Check here to read about the release of my book “Tips and Tales from the Book: Avoiding Trade Show Mistakes that has been translated into Spanish and is available as an E-book

Through the efforts of Ron Gold of Marketing Works, in the Feb. 27 – March 5, 2009 Long Island Business News there was an article by Ambrose Clancy “Networking should be more than just trading cards” It’s about Jan DeRobertis and her starting LI Connects . to read the rest of the story go here.

Emilia & Steve Free who own “The Bug Stops Here” just finished a Telephone Power Hour with John A. Hill & Associates, Inc. in preparation for their exhibiting at the Home Show April 3, 4 and 5 at the Nassau Coliseum. Please stop by their booth, you will be glad that you did!

The HIA Trade Show is coming soon! It will be on Thursday, May 21, 2009 – You should be making your plans to exhibit now! Don’t wait until the last minute to be part of the largest business trade show on Long island. If you have any questions speak with Alicia Figueras, Business Development Manager at the HIA 631.543.5355

At the Javits Center: 
The show delivers the critical trends, latest cost-saving products and services, state-of-the-art equipment and never-before-tasted foods. Including such areas as the International Tasting Arena, Three Demo Cooking Theaters, Hispanic Foods Expo...

March 8 to March 10, 2009 MJSA EXPO NEW YORK
Exhibition for Major Manufacturers, Bench Jewelers, Retail Buyers and Designers

March 17 to March 19, 2009 INTERPHEX:
Pharmaceuticals Industries Exposition & Conference once a year 

March 17 to March 19, 2009 PHARMA MEDDEVICE 
The first event to focus on the convergence of the medical device once a year.

Eye Care Professionals Expo once a year. 

March 2009
Question From The Booth

Hi Mr. Hill
I recently heard you speak at the ExecuLeaders Breakfast on Friday, February 20, 2009 at Bethpage State Park. I really enjoyed your presentation, and would like to have asked a question or two but you were cut short by Mr. Kruse. One of your comments was, “If you are an Exhibitor at a Trade Show and you do not have a Trade Show Plan you are just an attendee with a booth” I have participated in a number of trade shows and any planning was about who was going to be in the booth, how everyone was to dress, and what products we were going to present. Aren’t these the most important things to consider at a trade show? What more planning needs to be done?

John F, Sales Rep.
Manhasset, NY

Dear John:
While who is standing booth duty, how you dress and the products to be presented are important I think you have not done some of the important planning that needs to be done to insure trade show success. When I plan a trade show for a client the following must be done to insure trade show success. We start with a plan for that specific trade show that will cover what they want to accomplish, who they intend to invite besides their present clients, and why they are participating in this specific trade show. From these responses comes a theme for the show, such as introducing a new product, or service now available from the company. Then we write the necessary copy for the e-mail blasts, snail mail, post cards, and what the sales people will say to invite specific prospect to the booth. This is all part of the Pre-Show effort. If you do not do the pre-show, you are lowering your chances of having a successful trade show. The question I also get asked, “What is your idea of a successful trade show?” To me a successful trade show is when a company goes back to their office with many QUALIFIED leads that can be quickly given to the sales people to close. As I said in my presentation, “The leads that you get from a trade show are the finest leads that you will ever have” Now all that needs to be done is to turn them into sales. 
I hope this gives you a better understanding of what needs to go into a Trade Show Plan.

To continued trade show success,
John Hill, Trade Show Coach
 - Business Consultant

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David I. Gussin’s and great Long Island resources’ for Advertising – Networking and Web Design

Trade Shows at Javits Center-New York City

Check out which stands for “Keep It On Long Island” it covers a variety of business, general, social information that can be another reference site for what’s happening on Long Island.

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March 2009

To My Clients, Friends, Associates, 
and Future Clients:

February was a busy month for me with Seminars, as well as networking events. I was a guest speaker at the East End Women’s Networking Group on February 10 at the Best Western in Riverhead. There was a group of about 25 business women, who are very much involved in the community as well as their businesses. I was also the speaker at the Middle Country Library in Centereach on the 11th. “How To Exhibit Successfully At A Trade Show” It is always a pleasure to work with Liz and Sophia who are the “Pros” when it comes to assisting business people with information. I cannot say enough about the Miller Business Center and its staff. Other libraries could learn a few things watching this team in action.

John Mangione, Owner of The PR Store and John A. Hill & Associates, Inc. held seminar “Trade Show Marketing” How to make your Trade Show Experience work for you. We had over 35 people at attendance at the Marriott Courtyard at Republic Airport in Farmingdale. I want to give a thank you to Steve Kaye, Senior Sales Manager at the Marriott Courtyard for the fine job that his team did in assisting John and I in setting up the room for the seminar. I want to give a special thanks to Rich Baldi, Owner of the Computer Doctor who was the Sponsor for this seminar. 

On February 20th Jeff Goldberg “the Sales Pro” and John Hill, #1 Trade Show Coach shared the stage at the ExecuLeaders Breakfast # 33 for a Seminar called “ Direct & Trade Show Selling In a Challenging Economy” 

More companies, who are looking for business, are networking more than ever. As a member of a number of networking groups I have seem an increase in attendance, with new business people wanting to join. 

There is also an increase in the world of social media with more people participating in both professional site such as Linkedin, Palxo, Naymz and personal site such as Facebook, Friendster and MySpace. Businesses are doing what they can to generate more opportunities.

Yes, there has been a reduction in attendance and Exhibitors at trade shows, but it is interesting to note that those companies that are exhibiting are writing more business because the people who are in attendance are there to do business. So keep that in mind before you reduce your trade show budget or limit the number of trade shows where you will be exhibiting. I will say it again; Trade shows are the most cost effective way of generating the best qualified sales leads. 

To continued trade show success,
John Hill, Trade Show Coach - Business Consultant


  Guest Columnist:

I met Scott Damashek at a NYC EXPO Trade Show at the Javits Center in New York City. He impressed me with his enthusiasm, and the way he qualified a prospect who was interested in purchasing a promotional item. It is easy to see the difference between a pro and a wantabe. Scott is a Pro in his field. 
Scott has been in the advertising specialties field and selling promotional items for twenty-six years. His philosophy is to always find the right product for the right project. Fitting the almost 800,000 items that are available to us, he is an expert at analyzing what product will give you the “best bang” for your buck. 

  The Magic of Promotional 
  Products and Trade Shows 


Promotional products work! They are usually tastefully selected products that serve as a reminder and long-term expression of the donor. Promotional products are much more than a business gift with a logo. They are carefully selected in order to suit your target audience and to result in a behavior you desire from them. 

These products can be ways to raise your brand awareness and to tempt prospects with your targeted message. If these products are chosen creatively they can produce a certain drive in the recipient, which can be very motivating, attracting and rewarding. 

Everyone enjoys receiving a gift, even if it’s “just a little something”; it creates a favorable impression. A gift should be designed to increase your communication, motivation, and promotion or increase recognition. Part of the reason giving away promotional items is to have your company name known to as many people as possible. To be effective, it is important to have your message imprinted on the item and make sure your company name, logo and phone number appear clearly. An important aspect of any gift is to remember who it was from long after the fact. 

Exhibiting at trade shows brings new leads, the chance to meet up with clients and catch up with old contacts. Trade shows can present many excellent publicity opportunities as well. One important tip to ensure successful and beneficial trades show experience is to make sue that the show is right for you. Make sure you know exactly who the trade show promoter is targeting and that they are the same as your target market. Research the competition so that you can better implement your promotional products to stand out. Some of your most qualified event leads come from networking with other exhibitors. Giveaways are common at trade shows so be smart about your choice and how it gets your message across. After the trade show, follow up is essential but a good promotional item will stay in front of prospects long after the show and follow ups are over. There are some factors to consider when designing your trade shows items. The number one, most important factor to remember is less is more, Don’t be tempted to cram your promotional item with a ton if unnecessary information. Keep it simple stupid, your design elements should be concise. Find a product that fits you and interests your target market. Your promotional item should say some thing about you. The secret to getting the most visibility from the dollars you spend on promotional items is to choose gifts that people will want to use. Always ask yourself, “is this something I would like to have?” 

Scott Damashek
National Advertising & Printing Corp.
231 West 29th Street, Suite 1408
New York, NY 10001
P: 212.629.7650
F: 212.629.6516


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