Years In Profession: Over Thirty Years (30+) 

Favorite Quote: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit" Aristotle

Motto: "Every day is a test"

Words Of Wisdom: If you are honest with your clients, and run an honest business, you will be around tomorrow; because loyal clients will always come back to the people they trust.

Vision For The Future: To apply my years of experiences in managing and operating businesses and assist new companies, and young entrepreneurs, especially on Long Island, to overcome some of the day to day problems that can affect a company, and its management, mentally, physically, morally and financially.

Two Careers: I enjoy helping companies to succeed, by showing them alternatives in their marketing, sales and trade show initiatives, based on my years of experience. Having been the Director of the Internship Program at Farmingdale State University of New York This gives me the opportunity to speak with the students and arrange Internships for them in local companies, while preparing them for the real world of business.

Greatest Accomplishments: My family/Walking each of my three daughter down the aisle when they were married/ My time serving in the United States Navy.

Family: I lost my wife of 43 years, Vera in 2002 to cancer. I have three daughters: Ellen, Rosemary and Joann. And grandchildren: Kevin, Vincent John, Thomas John, Meghan Joann and Katherine Elvira 

Recognitions: Proclamation from the County Government for saving the Tax Payers of Suffolk County over $1 Million dollars with the introduction of the Biometric System for the Prevention of Welfare Fraud.

Civic Involvement: American Legion Post #694

Favorite Local Event: Cow Harbor Day 10K Race in Northport, New York

In My Spare Time: I'm an enthusiastic amateur gourmet cook, who enjoys entertaining, an avid reader, a collector of good music, pens and knifes.

Exotic Travel: I think that Costa Rica has more than enough sights and things to do, to keep anyone occupied no matter how long they stay. After a very depressing business trip to communist Romania I was never so happy to come home to the U. S. --- I kissed the ground!


"Simply put, if you want years of experience on your side going into your next trade show, this is the man to talk to. John Hill is a great trade show coach and knows what he is talking about. We just did our first trade show with him and he delivered everything he promised plus more…"

Robert Schaefer, President of Divine Brine Foods Inc.