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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
I will be giving a presentation on Trade Show Marketing at the Middle Country Library – check here for time and location

February 17, 2009
from 9:00AM to Noon/ Check in at 8:30AM John Mangione, Owner and Marketing Expert of the PR Store and John Hill, President & Trade Show Coach of John A. Hill & Associates, Inc. will be giving a Seminar at the Courtyard by Marriott at Republic Airport located at 2 Marriott Plaza Farmingdale, New York 11735 
Tel 631-847-0010
“Trade Show Marketing”
“How to make your trade show experience work for you”

For more information and discounts contact John Hill at 
or John Mangione at

Friday, February 20, 2009
at the ExecuLeaders breakfast at Carlyle On The Green at Bethpage State Park Jeff Goldberg, Sale Pro & Author along with yours truly will be presenting "Direct and Trade Show Selling in a Challenging Economy"

Jeff Goldberg, Professional Speaker, Sales Trainer, Author, Teacher and President of Jeff Goldberg & Associates is co-author of “How To Be your Own Coach – six simple questions for achieving your goals” Jeff was kind enough to send me a copy. It is a fantastic read, and certainly will stimulate your thinking when it comes to achieving your goals in business as well as life. Contact Jeff at 516-608-4136. Don’t forget that Jeff and I will be giving a presentation at the ExecuLeaders Breakfast on Friday. Feb. 20, 2009 

Excellent article that was in the RCR Wireless newsletter which give you intelligence on all things wireless. In essence it states that fewer attendees to the trade shows but the attendees’, who are there, are there to do business. Click here
Economic downturn felt by trade shows fewer, but higher-quality attendees expected.

Recently I was interviewed by Julie Sturgeon of on trade shows for a major magazine. This was her response to me after our interview. 

Dear Mr. Hill,
I thank you so kindly for taking your time this morning to talk to me about trade show attendance. It's a topic I didn't think I could find anything new to say about, but I was wrong. You are definitely an expert and had a perspective I hadn't heard in my 25 years of doing trade articles.

Julie Sturgeon
CEOEditor, Inc.
157 Sycamore Lane
Greenwood, IN 46142
representing APFD Association Magazine

Asian Trade Shows – There are many companies considering exhibiting in foreign trade shows in 2009. Many have the attitude that after the show is over they will rent a car and do some sight seeing. In some foreign countries driving, even being a passenger in bus or other mode of transportation can be dangerous or even life threatening. Countries in Asia have a dreadful death rate. Being killed in a road crash can be 20 to 80 times higher in some Asian countries than in the U.S. ASIRT: the Association for Safe International Road Travel is a great resource for travelers. It offers a series of Road Travel Reports which can be downloaded from the organizations website for a suggested contribution of $30 per country. I suggest anyone who is considering going to Asia, or any other foreign country, for a trade show or even vacation take the time and visit the ASIRT web site before you make the trip.

Know Your Competitors
If you want to get established in a new market you'll need to do some competitive intelligence gathering, to see who your competitors are and what they're up to. Finding Competitive Information is a well-written article with lots of links to sites where you can find competitive intelligence. The article is a good how-to about the process of finding competitive intelligence, and the links connect to sites that are full of solid information. Some of the sites are subscription-based databases, but others are free. This is a good place to spend the initial stages of researching a market.

February 2009
Question From The Booth

Good afternoon Mr. Hill:
Since you keep saying that trade shows are cost effective when compared to sales calls how do I explain that to my VP of Marketing who believes that the only way to generate opportunities are with mailings and cold calling. I’m frustrated and need some advice.

Gary H. District Sales Manager
Chicago, IL

Dear Gary or should I say frustrated:
First of all, your VP of Marketing has blinders on. Marketing is a combination of many of the different modes of operation, especially in this economy, not just one marketing program such as mailings. I am not saying the mailings are wrong but mailings alone will not suffice. You need to continue test, modify, change, alternate and review to insure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. Trade shows, because of the present economy, have shown a reduction in attendees. But the good news is that those people in attendance are there to do business. Where else can you see over 100 to 200 prospects and come away with 50 to 60 QUALIFIED leads? How long would it take you to do this just knocking on doors, and making cold calls? In order to be successful, you never stop marketing, especially in this economy, because when the economy comes back the clients, prospect and suspects will remember who was out there continually pushing the envelope looking for ways to be more cost effective and working with their clients to give them the best product and service possible.

To continued trade show success,
John Hill, Trade Show Coach
 - Business Consultant

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David I. Gussin’s and great Long Island resources’ for Advertising – Networking and Web Design

Trade Shows at Javits Center-New York City

Check out which stands for “Keep It On Long Island” it covers a variety of business, general, social information that can be another reference site for what’s happening on Long Island.

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February 2009

To My Clients, Friends, Associates, 
and Future Clients:

Despite what you may read trade shows are still alive and still the best and most cost effective way to generate new business opportunities. Some of the trade journals show big bold headlines stating that attendance at major trade shows are down. But if you read the rest of the article, the attendance may be down but the attendees that are there, are there and ready to do business. 
I have a lot of seminars booked for this month, and March is starting to fill up as well. If you are interested in attending any of these seminars just check the “News You Can Use” section of this newsletter.

As you know I do a lot of networking. When I exchange cards with someone I always tell them that I have a monthly newsletter, “Tips From the Booth” and I tell them that I am putting them on my list to receive this newsletter. If they receive it, and they do not feel that it is of value, then I ask them to forward it to the person within their organization that is responsible for trade shows.

I have been sending out this newsletter for over four years and the majority of the comments on the content of the newsletter have been favorable. I am always looking for new ideas. If you have a suggestion that you feel will make this newsletter of more value to the reader please contact me. 

To continued trade show success,
John Hill, Trade Show Coach - Business Consultant


  Guest Columnist:

I was introduced to Jesse Wroblewski and Generations Beyond when I became a client of Ron Gold of Marketing Works. Having gone through a series of so called "web masters" that will solve all of my web site problems, I was somewhat cynical. Well, I have to say that Ron was right and the relationship has been great. I have gotten a number of complements regarding my web site and the information that is posted. I can honestly say that person that is making it all come together is Jesse “The Web Guy” .

  Establish Yourself As 
  An “Expert” In Your Field!


I’ve written a number of articles and books related to the internet, and when I needed a title for my monthly column I came up with “Ask The Internet Expert”. Why you ask? Allow me to explain.

Who do people like to do business with?
You guessed it – “the expert.”

Do you know what it takes to become an expert in your industry?

It’s easier than you might think!

I would like to show you how (and more importantly why) you can use the internet to easily establish yourself as an expert, build equity in your reputation and use this all as an incredibly powerful tool to drive traffic to your website!

To continue reading this article please click here to visit my blog on internet marketing tips.

By Jesse "The Webguy" Wroblewski 
Generations Beyond
Main Website:
Internet Marketing Tips Blog:




I have gotten more than a few calls regarding eBay. Asking if they could buy used trade shows booths on eBay. Since I did not know much about this site I went to an expert who is a member of one of my networking groups, Mr. Frank A. Renna who owns and operates Auction Wave of Sayville, NY 
(F) 631-563-6301. 
I was so impressed about what he said I thought my readers would be interested as well. 

AuctionWave is a premier eBay drop off store located in Sayville, New York specializing in helping businesses and consumers sell items that are no longer serving them. Not only will this help get rid of excess stock, inventory, and items sitting around at home collecting dust, it will enable the client to make money and not have to do any work for it. 

Our Services Include: Complete Auction Listing Service, Onsite Auction Service, Product Pickup, Business Liquidation, Business to Business Sales, Consumer Sale


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John A. Hill, Founder and CEO. Trade Show Coach, Business Advisor and Marketing and Sales Specialist. With over 30 years of experience developing and managing businesses, John’s roles have included National Sales Manager, VP of Sales, Director of Marketing, EVP and COO. 
He was also elected and served as President & CEO of three public companies. John provides his expertise in addressing and solving management and marketing issues to organizations worldwide. He is a recognized expert in the area of strategic
management, specializing in the maximization of trade show use as a vital element of marketing strategy.


Important note: The Tips from the Booth is not a commercial publication but primarily for my Clients, Subscribers, Prospects, Suspects and anyone interested in trade shows. I am not compensated in any way by the providers of the products or services mentioned in this Newsletter (except for John A. Hill & Associates, Inc. (H & A) They are recommended because I know them, or have used them personally, believe them to be the best or think they will be helpful to my readers. If you haven’t done so, please add to your address book.