John A. Hill & Associates, Inc. (H&A) provides business facilitating, trade show coaching, management advice, marketing assistance, sales programs and training to small and medium sized companies who want to increase revenue and expand their business utilizing trade shows as the major component of their marketing program. H & A works with foreign organizations' which have products or service that they wish to introduce into the United States market. 

There are several general services available to clients, including, but not limited to: 

Focused on topical issues of significance to clients. These seminars are led by highly qualified persons from the areas of specific expertise.

  • How to Plan & Prepare for Trade Show Success 
  • How to Make All of Your Trade Shows Successful 
  • Trade Show Qualification and Lead Follow up 

Business Advisory Services
Available to selected organizations dealing with issues such as "Trade shows, both National and International", Customized services are also available, upon request. 

Trade Show Marketing
Complete Trade Show Services 
"There is more to a Trade show then a Booth, Graphics and a Tag Line"

Special Projects
Major Account Orientation & Penetration
Foreign Product Introduction into the US Market